Basic Self-Defense Ninjutsu Training in Budapest (eng)

Have you been planning to study martial arts, self-defence, to protect yourself, or others?

Learn to handle both traditional weapons and everyday tools, so you could use them in the protection of yourselves or others!

Come to us only if you would like to develop physically, mentally, spiritually. In that case we are gladly awaiting you on our trainings, where we practice the Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu, wich is an ancient, Tradicional Japanese Martial Art. It’s greatness doesn’t layi in the learning of moves, but in the principle of the move.

If you are a beginner, the sign up process is continous. Everyone has to begin somewhere and must learn the basics anyway, so later on we can build on these basics. You do not have to worry, if you are weak or not agile enough, because in the first steps we are going to learn how to stand, walk, sit, and only then how to roll, fall, get up, and abreast with that we will build into the motor coordination the punches and kicks.

On the trainings everybody trains according to their own level. Everybody is an unique individual, and everyone is on an different level. This way you don’t have to worry about being beaten up, or get more pain and hurt than you can handle.

Naturally we are going to increase rapidly your strength, and stamina, continually expand your paintolerance but these aren’t the main attractions, only the side-effects of the training.

What will you get on  a Ninjutsu training?

  • We also put great emhasis on the acquirement of healthy lifestyle and healthy stance. Ninjutsu isn’t just a sport or a fighting system, but a lifestyle, and for the full and perfect acuirement a whole life might be nessecarry, for that a healthy body might be needed
  • We also deal with healing, and we put great importance on the protection of the spine. It’s proper upkeep, since our whole body is founded on the spin. On our training we practice the Doln Japanese yoga.


What happens on the first trainings?

On the first trainings you will learn to stand, walk, breathe, step, roll, punch, kick, basic attacks and defenses, or precisely the principles of attacking and defending as well. Since real life can throw anything at you, we  learn to move on different terrains; tatami, concrete, grass and many others. Mostly tough we train on hard surfaces, presently on linoleum, because there is no carpet on the street…

(If you are a beginner of course you’ll begin learn on a carpet.)

Parallelly with this you are going to learn the civility and behavioural rules in the Dojo, so later on you can safly train. We always treat beginners with much attention, and patience, for we were treated the same way when we began to train.


What’s a training looks like?

Every training is different. Life is always different as well. Moslty on the trainigs

  • we begin with warm up
  • then we practice falls, rolls and later
  • trough different techniques, we learn to adopt the principles of martial art into practice.

Systematicness is the pint, and nobody is expected to do anything that they aren’t capable of. Thankfully fot Hatsumi sensei’s (the Soke) teaching system, the Ninjutsu, was built up in such way that continuously you will be capable to more and more.


“In Ninjutsu we aren’t using raw strength only, but mostly our intelligance, the power of the mind.”

If you would like to try out an ancient, traditional-based martial art, which is  still perfectly fitting to the present age’s spirituallity then you are at the right place! Here you can acuire the way to the development of the body and the soul!

You’ll get these as a BONUS, if you sign up now:

  1. For one week THE TRAININGS ARE FREE, so trough the the 3 session that takes place in one week you’ll see what the Ninjutsu is like, and you can decide whatever you like it, or not.
  2. ONE MONTH DOJO MEMBERSHIP , with every right and privilege of the Dojo members ( discount for week-end trainings, and seminaries ect), is provided in the first month.


Come without fear, and try out for yourself, without obligations!

If you should happen not to like it, you simply don’t turn up next time, In the worst case you can still go anywhere else to train. We are going to thank you that you gave yourself and us, the Bujinkan Bhima Dojo, a chance.

Where does the trainings take place ?

The beginners’ trainings are held in the BhaktiKuthir lifestyle center at the VIIth disrict, on teh corner of  Barcsai and Hársfa street. In case you come by public transport (BKV), you have to take off from the tram 4 or 6 at Wesselényi street and come to Barcsai street, to the crossroad of Hársfai street. If you travel by car, you’ll get here just as easily, plus there are a bunch of parking places available around.



Tuesday: 18:00-19:30 (open ground)

Wednesday: 18:00-19:30

Friday: 18:00-19:30

Where can I sign up?

Give your name and e-mail adress here. This way you are entitled to come and train freely for a week, and find out whatever it is for you or not.. (For ladies, we advice to sign up for the women self-defence course first. Women self-defence)

Sign Up:



How much does it cost?

The first week is a gift, so the first 3 sessions are free. (Attention, the 3 trainings can be used only during one calendar week) Since in the first month you get the Dojo membership for free, the discounted Dojo prices are in effect for you.


(Education in Hungarian language. But there is always a translation.)

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