“Ninja’s do not follow rules in combat so our aim is to get home safely at all costs.” Christian Salame Ninjutsu Self Defense course

"Ninja's do not follow rules in combat so our aim is to get home safely at all costs." Christian Salame Ninjutsu Self Defense courseWhy did I chose ninjustsu?
First, I am a person who doesn’t like fights, but would rather avoid fighting. However, if provoked, I want to defend myself. So I started to search for various martial arts, did a lot of comparison in effectiveness, in the beauty of them, the mentality and ideology of each, and found myself drawn by ninjutsu.

Second, I want to change my unhealthy life-style, and I’m working really hard on the person I want to be rather than sorrow over what I was. Ninjutsu is one of the martial arts, that aids in rejuvenation of body and mind.

What have I acquired from ninjutsu?
First of all, from a technical point of view, I learned how to walk, the correct stance, keep focus on surroundings and have awareness, how to roll in multiple directions, defense moves against an opponent that grabs you, evasion maneuvers, warm-up drills, and many more which I do not recall at the moment.

In addition, I learned some views on Ninjutsu philosophy. For instance, what is for the ring does not apply on the streets. Stay aware of your surroundings. Use the enemy’s momentum against him, bait the enemy so you know what to expect, never stop a wrong move rather adapt and try to get yourself out of harm’s way. Ninja’s do not follow rules in combat so our aim is to get home safely at all costs.

In addition to the above mentioned, I learned how to respect other students, not only for practical reasons, but more as a brother-to-brother relationship.

Did I get what I expected?
I did get exactly what I had expected and even more. I had no idea how the philosophy is included within the teaching, or how it is applied. I knew it was somehow connected but never expected it to be this deep and this coherent with our modern age.
Why would I recommend this class to others?
For starters, it’s a healthy life style. Anyone can join and we are quite a mix in class in every possible way. It feels more like family and less like a course. Obviously self defense can be achieved with many other types of martial arts, but I don’t see the same philosophy and lifestyle or the same environment as ninjutsu.
What is Ninjutsu to me?
Ninjutsu is a step forward towards a better person and a new family. It does not feel like a class, but more like a sanctuary, a place where I can clear my head of all troubles and focus on something I want.
Christian Salame
veterinarian student

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